Welcome to My Fabulous Longcoats

I grew up around lots of animals both at home and on my grandparents’ farm. Among the many different breeds of dogs I loved growing up were LONGCOAT CHIHUAHUAS. I was in awe of my LONGCOAT CHIHUAHUAS’ beauty and intelligence. I have raised ONLY AKC LONGCOAT CHIHUAHUAS for 29+ years now. I take pride in achieving an extremely high quality of dogs and their puppies that stay within the excellent standards of the American Kennel Club. We are AKC inspected and approved.

I spend quality time every day playing with and loving on each one of my dogs and their puppies so as to socialize them. They are raised with my children as well as my grandchildren. They get all the love and attention they need and deserve. They are happy, healthy, thriving, very well-socialized and have superior temperaments.

My dogs are NEVER in cages but instead have free run of their privacy fenced, sunny as well as shaded, yard dividing boys from girls by chain link fencing. They have luxury sheltering from the weather in housing that is an 18 foot x 20 foot professionally installed “Tuff Shed” that has been insulated, paneled, AC/heat unit added, with a climate-controlled thermostat and painted purple inside! After all, the color of “FABULOUS” is purple! They also enjoy swimming pools and agility equipment as the weather permits. They have individual beds with blankets beside each other so they can have their late-night/early-morning social gatherings any time they please. They have 4 doggie doors at all 4 corners which allow them to come and go at will, as well as full food and clean water at all times.

My pregnant dogs’ “birthing center” is spacious, comfortable and well-equipped with all the medical supplies necessary to assist them before, during and after free whelping their precious, tiny puppies. They are t.v. monitored both visually as well as audibly, around the clock from any room in our home. This gives us easy access to our puppies, so we can spend quality time with them throughout each day. Every puppy gets their first and second shots, de-worming and a vet check before they leave our loving home to go live with their new family.


I was inspected by AKC on February 17th, 2012. Upon approval, my inspector presented me with an “AKC Gold Seal of Approval Certificate”, as he explained, “For going above and beyond the expectations of the AKC by providing exceptional facilities which include an air purifier inside your doghouse and agility equipment outside for both their mental and physical health and for the excellent care you give your dogs.” My last approved AKC inspection was on January 23rd, 2015.

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